Bureaucratic Documents

When moving to Spain, you will need to apply for several documents as basics steps for your relocation. Let us take care of it!

Número / Tarjeta de Identidad Extranjero (NIE/TIE)

  • NIE: This is the number assigned to foreign nationals living in Spain.
  • TIE: This is an identity card in addition to your NIE required for Non-EU citizens.

Registration in the city hall (Empadronamiento)

  • The Empadronamiento is an official document stating where you live.
  • It is used as proof of address and will be needed to get access to most of the public services.

Social Security registration

The social security number is required to legally work in Spain.

Spanish Healthcare card

This Spanish healthcare is the public medical coverage card that gives you access to the Spanish National Healthcare System.

Opening a Spanish bank account

  • Having a Spanish bank account will surely make your life easier in Spain.
  • You will need a Spanish bank account when signing a work contract, a lease, Wi-Fi subscription, etc.

Private medical insurance application

  • We can get you a Health Insurance Certificate to use with your application for residence in Spain.
  • A private medical insurance allows you to avoid waiting lists for tests and procedures and to get an appointment with a specialist without consulting a GP first.

Driver's license exchange

We can also help with transferring plates

Electronic Certificate

An electronic certificate will allow you to access Spanish government websites remotely.

Additional Services

  • Consular assistance
  • Criminal record certificates
  • Sworn translations
  • Legalizations and apostilles
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